VMNH Ice Age Festival 1-2017

Members of the NCFC, Ruffin Tucker and grandson, Joseph Zufall attended and presented a mixed collection with emphasis on my Edisto Island Ice Age animals from sloth, camel, glyptodont, horse and deer and manatee and others.  They had a large fossil rhino  skeleton and a stuffed muskox.  Dr. Sarah Smith gave 2 lectures on 13 female Mastadons found in a private pond near Hebron, Indiana.  I learned tusks grow in a cone shape.  The location may have been a refrigerator for local tribes although no butcher marks were found. There were elders with females and young.  They only had a month to do their dig.  There were many projects for the younger kids and Appalachian State was there with Dr. Heckert and 8 students.  Attendance was 1150.