Rocky Point 4-2012

On April 27, 2012 thirty-eight members took part in the recent collecting trip to Martin Marietta Limestone Quarry at Rocky Point. Warm sunny weather greeted everyone with recent rains uncovering some nice fossils. Both Amy Plastser and Tracey Mayo found Nebrius thielensis nurse sharks teeth. Tracey and Oscar & Charlotte Jones found sawfish rostral teeth with Oscar finding a beautiful Clathalithia shell in matrix. Jeff Butterworth, Eric Sadorf and George Marrier all found C. ariculatus sharks teeth. Jeff found the nicest complete tooth with George’s heartbreak 3-inch tip with no root! Libby Smalley, Kenny Gay, Bob Willis, Earl Guertin and myself all found Hardouinia kellumi echinoids!! I think in total 10 kellumi’s were found with everyone finding H. mortonis echinoids. Many of the kellumi’s were clean with very little matrix attached. Libby Smalley had a nice surprise when she started cleaning up some of her echinoids. She discovered a perfect Agassizia wilmingtonica! Jim Tunney and his son James found a Cretaceous gastropod in matrix which will make a nice coffee table display. The usual echinoids, brachiopods, sponges, etc. were found by everyone. Ralph Brinton, Harriet Angelis, Kathy Glielmi, Monti family, Eric Wilkinson, Linda McCall, Dale Healy, David Jones, Mark & Joseph Kearns, Troutman family, Jerry Messick, Kevin & Blaine Carrick, Diane & Audrey Edwards all participated in the trip. Our thanks go out to the generosity of Doug Pope and Martin Marietta.