Rankin Museum Fossil Fair 9-2016

Members of the North Carolina Fossil Club participated in the Rankin Museum Fossil Fair from 9am to 3 pm on Saturday, September 24, 2016.  Fossils were displayed by Jonathan Fain, Richard Chandler, Joy Harrington and Ruffin Tucker.  Dr. James Bain and Mary Boulton and Linda McCall worked with the kids and parents with additional Aurora material supplied by Dr. Bain and Ruffin Tucker.  The day was beautiful, but warmed up to 94 degrees by afternoon.  The museum contacted all the schools in Montgomery County with a handout going home to all parents.  The museum gives an orientation to each of 4 groups of 25 or more kids and parents for 45 minutes searching for shark teeth with screens supplied by Dr. Bain and material washed by the NCFC shaker-washer.  All had a busy and fun day and had a chance to see the treasures of the a special North Carolina underused museum.

Rankin FF 2016