Onslow 6-2013

We had about 20 adults and 3 children attend the Onslow quarry field trip. It was a warm day but not too hot. I was expecting the weather to be fairly hot as we were only a week away from the summer solstice. However the day turned out to be very pleasant for sun worshippers; and even a peach person like me.  (A peach person is someone whose face looks like a peach after being in direct sunlight for a few hours.) There were also a couple other people who had received permission directly from the quarry to be there that day. They joined us in the parking lot, and after signing our life away on waivers we all went in together. We all started out with different colored vehicles, but by the time we left that afternoon all of the vehicles were an off white color from all of the mud.  Of course the rain that created that mud made for a good collecting day. There were several Ariculatis teeth found along with many smaller sharks teeth such as Abdounia recticona and Odontaspis carolinensis, and numerous echinoid species. Jaden Lublin and Al Klatt found nice Auriculatis teeth,  Joy Herrington found a nice Unifascia carolinensis. I think everyone managed to find something worthwhile on this trip. Compared with other pits in eastern North Carolina this pit is on the small side. The collecting area was probably less than 10 acres. This is the primary reason the trip size was limited to 20 people. Hopefully we will be able to have a fall trip here and let people on the standby list have a chance to collect.