Jacobs Creek 2-2014

The Jacobs Creek Quarry Trip took place on February 9th due to rain.  We had 16 club members attend. Ediacaran material is from the Cid Formation, the unnamed mudstone member. It dates from 542 million years ago in North Carolina.  These animals were soft-bodiedand are rarely preserved. The weather was cloudy with temps in the low 50's.  We worked in the area at the entrance to the mine along 3 roads that go up to the working road into the quarry.  We were looking for microbial mat material, and the Ediacaran fossil Aspidella terranovica that was first discovered in 1868 in Newfoundland and identified as a holdfast structure in 1872.  Emily Bruff marked some large specimens that were in slate slabs to big to collect but made a good photo.  Aspilellia from a few mm up to 2 inches and groups of small and medium size were taken home.  The Jefferess's from Fayetteville, NC. carried home some fancy microbial mat designs.  Charles Causey found a beautiful Aspidella.

Jacobs Creek 2014