Greens Mill Run 9-2013

It was definitely a nice but wet trip!! On September 21st,  2013 we met at 9am at the Ball Park on S. Elm Street in Greenville to fossil hunt in Greens Mill Run (GMR). The group was composed of 11 adults and 3 children in 5 separate family groups. For some it was the first time fossil hunting. We went directly down the creek to the stretch, before the bridge under 10th street, where the Cretaceous Peedee Formation is exposed along the banks. The dig was pretty successful for everybody. Some good size shark teeth could be found (1.5inch Squalicorax, 2inch Great White etc.) as well as a good amount of belemnites and shells. The best find of the day was a partial Mosasaur tooth with a gorgeous shine just missing the tip. Unfortunately around 11am the rain started pouring hard and after a little resistance most of us had to capitulate and head for the car looking for dry clothes and hot drinks. Only Gary and his son were strong enough to stay through the rain (kudos for that). Once the dig was over they spent the remainder of the afternoon discovering George Powell’s extraordinary troves at his house museum. Some other group members reached GMR late in the morning when the rain had stopped and could successfully screen the river for fossils. In conclusion even if the hunting day was pretty short the results were satisfying and the atmosphere cheerful and pleasant. I am looking forward to organizing a new hunt hoping next time to have better weather. Thanks to everybody for coming and a special thanks to George for opening his house again and showing his collection to the group members.