Greens Mill Run 9-2012

On September 22, 2012 at least 17 club members explored Green's Mill Run (GMR) in Greenville. It was a perfect 70 degree sunny day. We all met at the Green Springs Park, but a few people visited other parts of the creek later in the day.  Thanks to John Steffensen for checking the water levels before we all drove to Greenville. In the photos you can see him showing us his treasures from many years of GMR hunting. Mark Kearns and his family were particularly excited to tackle their first fossil hunting expedition. They found buckets of fossils, including a small periotic bone (dolphin?), Squalicorax tooth, and belemnite seen in Mark's hand in the photos above.  Emily Bruff was pleased with her finds, which included a fossil shaped like a cashew nut. For discussions of what this might be, do a Web search for "Emmon's fish tooth". There is plenty of discussion about it on, but I don't think there is a clear answer yet.  George Marrier was having trouble finding belemnites until he discovered that they are plentiful where the creek crosses 10th Street. In the end George went home with a handful. At around 1pm a few of us visited George Powell to see his fossil collection. George has created an amazing fossil museum in his home. In the photos you can see him captivating the kids. We all send a heartfelt thank you to George for sharing his collection with us!