Greens Mill Run 4-2013

 On April 13, 2012 at least 14 club members explored Green's Mill Run (GMR) in Greenville. It was a a little cool, but the weather was good enough for splashing around in the creek . We met at the Green Springs Park, but we also visited many other areas. We had two families with children who were fossil hunting for the first time. They were the most energetic members of the team and found plenty of fossils. Everyone found plenty of small shark teeth and whale bone. Quent Lupton had the best finds, which included a mosasaur (or perhaps crocodile) tooth, croc scute, and part of a whale vertebra growth plate. When we moved to the north side of 10th Street, everyone found plenty of belemnites and a few squalicorax shark teeth from the Cretaceous. In the afternoon, some of us visited George Powell to see his fossil collection. George has a large and well organized fossil museum in his home. In the photos you can see him helping identify Zach's new treasures. Thank you George for sharing your collection with us and for checking the water levels before we all drove to Greenville!