Dino Academy 2019

The Museum of Life and Science held a Dino Academy event on Aug. 24 and invited our club to participate. Several members exhibited wonderful displays of Mesozoic Era fossils: Charlie & Pam Causey, Trish & Louis Kohler, Ramona Krailler, Jonathan Fain, and Terry & Victor Denny. The tables were filled with dinosaur bones and teeth, dino coprolite (poop), gastroliths (stomach stones), echinoids, ammonites, sharks teeth, plant imprints, and other fossils from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Periods. Charlie erected a nearly 9 foot tall Hadrosaur leg bone display and a separate arm display of a dinosaur that were the highlight of the exhibits. Terry gave out hundreds of belemnites that she had found in Green Mill Run, and Trish and Louis gave out some baculites they had found at a recent dino dig in South Dakota. Jonathan had a huge dino coprolite that wowed the kids, and Ramona and Pam were kept busy at their displays and checking off the kids “Report Cards”. Despite the terribly rainy day, over 3000 people came to the Museum, and at least 1000 came through the exhibit area. We all had a terrific time transporting the kids back to the Age of Dinosaurs.