Castle Hayne 4-2011

Twenty one club members attended the trip to Castle Hayne on April 8th. We hunted the usual area allowed by the quarry and had sunny and cool weather the whole day. A good mix of Cretaceous and Eocene material was found. Oscar & Charlotte J., Bob B., Larry B. and John H. found a nice assortment of small teeth and echinoids. Jerry M. found two auriculatus – one large “heart break “ 4 inches with a missing cusplet and tip. He also found a “two incher”. Trish K., Lori & James W., and Beth H. found brachiopods, more echinoids and lots of small teeth. Eric S. found a mosasaur tooth, a croc scute and some enchodus teeth! Ronnie W. found an assortment of small teeth while Bruce H. found a 1.5 inch auriculatus and two broken mosasaur teeth. Chris & Tracey M. found their usual variety of material – a beautiful nautiloid, a perfect 2 inch auriculatus and a huge sawfish rostral tooth! Dan D. brought his whole family (wife Claudia, daughter Allison and son Louis) and found a mixture of teeth and echinoids. Although all the day's finds made the collectors happy, two fossils received special attention. It’s rare to find crab material but Linda M. found a perfect crab carapace and a beautiful nautiloid (Eutrephoceras carolinensis) in matrix. This would make a nice addition to anyone’s coffee table! We owe a very special thanks to Burnie F. of Martain Marietta, Castle Hayne for accommodating the North Carolina Fossil Club for another season of fossil hunting. by David Sanderson