Castle Hayne 10-2010

Nineteen members were present for the trip to Castle Hayne. We were very fortunate to have John join the hunt. John had hosted this trip for years and we want to thank him for all his past effort. We were confined to the usual hunting area but a nice mix of Cretaceous and Eocene material was found. Some rare specimens such as Don's Linthia variabilis and Roxada’s Agassizia wilmingtonica were found. Trish and Louis came across a beautiful nautiloid Eutrephoceras carolinensis. Jim found a Hardouinia mortonis, slit shell and some brachiopods. Chris found a perfect Mosasaurus tooth while Tracey found a beautiful Squalicorax pristodontus and a partial Sawfish rostral tooth – Ischyrhiza mira. Eric found the first Crinoid I have ever seen! He also found a Squalicorax and a Cretalamna biauriculata. Bruce found five small ariculatus and Joy found a nice Linthia wilmingtonensis. I found my first Coelopleurus carolinensis echinoid. Rufus, Lindsay, Jim, Eric and Don also attended the hunt. I would like to thank Burnie of Castle Hayne and Doug from Rocky Point for allowing the club to hunt their mines.