Belgrade 10-2014

This was an awesome meeting for everyone! Such a delight to get all of us together and visit too! We could not have asked for a better weather day with a light breeze which swirled around. Abundant sunshine too! Not hot or too chilly, just perfect in my view. This fossil excursion was certainly fun and special. Seems as though everyone found something special. We were once again allowed into the back piles and that area is so vast.  Just keeps on going. How fortunate we are to be able to get access there! Al Klatt found a great croc tooth, Angustidens tooth, Mako and pet wood! Deb Young found a large crocodile tooth. Deb, this was an excellent find! Ted and Cathy Harrell went home with about 80 shark teeth, vert’s, shells and pet wood fossils.  Roxada Story stated she enjoyed the fresh air as I did! Roxada found some micro teeth, croc teeth, bone and shells. Trish Kohler found a beautiful saw fish rostral tooth, stingray barb, many ray plates and a croc tooth.  Louis Kohler found a sting ray plate and many  other fossils! Eric Wilkinson found an Angustiden tooth, turtle material, ray barb and a croc tooth.  Phil Hillsman found a Megladon tooth, croc tooth and vert’s.  Eric Sadof found croc teeth and other fossils.  George Marrier found a croc  tooth and shark teeth.  Keith Smalley found shark teeth and a nice vert. Other members whom attended are Don Rideout,   John Hamilton, Dana Johnson, Caleb Johnson, Billy Palmer and Gary Lewis. I certainly enjoyed this trip! Other exciting fact…we found bear tracks!  So beautiful to see. I would like to thank the wonderful gentlemen at the Martin Marietta quarry for allowing this trip! We are so appreciative! Libby