Rocky Point 4-2011

Seventeen club members met on April 29th for the trip into Rocky Point. We had great weather and the heat was not a big factor this year. We were limited in the morning where we could hunt due to blasting but after lunch were able to hit our favorite spots. At least 6 nice auriculatus were found by the group. George & Karen M. and their daughter Trinity on their first trip into Rocky Point found the nicest auriculatus. This “rick” had a huge root with both cusplets and only the tip was missing! What a way to begin your first fossil hunting experience! Oscar & Charlotte J. came out with a whole bag of echinoids, some small sharks teeth and a nice Eurhodia sp. echinoid. Gerald R. found a nice Maretia subrostrata echinoid while Todd P. and Tracey M. each found some quality nurse shark teeth (Nebrius thielensis) as well as an auriculatus in good condition. Ann R., Ronnie W. and Bruce H. all found echinoids and teeth. Chris M. found a beautiful Linthia hanoverensis echinoid while Linda M. and Eric S. both found a Hardouinia kellumi and many Hardouinia mortonis. Trish K. found a beautiful small “rick”, and a sawfish vertebra and tooth. She also found plenty of echinoids and shark teeth. Even though the weather was very comfortable, by day’s end it was apparent that summer was just around the corner. We owe a very special thanks to Doug P. of Martin Marietta Rocky Point for accommodating the North Carolina Fossil Club for another season of fossil hunting. David Sanderson