Old Dock Collecting Trip Nov 2023

Field trips to Old Dock were held on November 8 and December 2nd, 2023. Six members attended the Nov 8 trip and 7 attended the Dec 2nd trip. The weather proved wonderful for both trips - with warm temperatures and no rain. The collecting site is small, but still produces wonderful things. Murex gastropods, fish skull caps, giant Mercenaria and Glycymeris bivalves, spiny oysters and dozens of other bivalves and gastropods, coral, bryozoan and more are collected each trip. In addition, the rare complete sand dollar, shark tooth and whole urchin occasionally turn up as well. Dated at 2 million years old - these fossils are remarkably well preserved - some even retaining color, color patters or fluorescing under black light. We take time out at the end of each collecting trip to clear any encroaching plants and are slowly increasing the size of the collecting area. Tended carefully, this site should be able to provide collecting opportunities for years to come.