Hanson 9-2014

Seven crazy NC Fossil Club members showed up to hunt Hanson Quarry after it rained several inches the day before. The road in was a slippery, sloggy mess. We had to ditch all the cars at the entrance to the collecting area and only take up the trucks and 4 wheel drive vehicles and even then, our leader, quarry manager John Warlick, nearly got his truck stuck on the way up to the parking spot! We trudged to the collecting area and got to work. Todd Power found an awesome whale bulla; Terri Thomas a nice white shark tooth and an interesting crab claw; George Marrier cleaned up with a nearly intact large whale vert, several white shark teeth and really nice Chesapecten . I can’t remember who found the seal bone and nice crab claw, but they were really cool. The collecting turned out to be better than I thought it would be, but we all ended up looking like mud puppies by the time we left. Still – it was better than staying home and cleaning house!! Looking forward to going back.