Greens Mill Run October 2017

Despite a chilly start to the morning we had a good turnout. After some debate among some of the group regarding waders we set off to the creek. As usual, some people immediately took off to find a good spot to dig while others remained in a loose group for digging and socializing. Finds came slow but some nice specimens were found including a Pleistocene era horse tooth, a few nice Great White shark teeth, mako shark teeth, a partial sperm whale tooth, cetacean vertebra, Enchodus fish tooth, etc. I was not able to get pictures of all of the finds unfortunately.  Every person present had a good time. One of the best aspects of these trips is simply hanging out with people sharing tales of fossils and past fossil trips. We all look forward to next time. Trip report by trip leader, Rick Trone.

Greens MillOct2017