Greens Mill Run 10-2015

Greens Mill Run Fossil Collecting Trip-October 17, 2005. The day started out quite cool and a couple of the planned participants ended up cancelling but those brave few that did show up at Greens Mill Run were ready to go. After a brief meeting where we briefly became acquainted with one another we headed to the creek. After feeling the water I decided it felt too cold and threw on a pair of waders. We entered the stream in front of Green Springs Park which was not my original intent but turns out there was a Homecoming parade blocking my intended creek entry point. We fanned out and started to dig and screen. Finds were few and far between so I moved the group a few times hoping for better gravel. After about an hour the waders proved to be a mistake as I quickly became too warm. I should have known from past experience that the water in October is usually not too bad once you get used to it. I fish fossil and a few worn teeth were all that was found after a couple hours so I made the decision to move the group upstream. Daryl Grater made the move with me but Ted and Cathy Harrell decided to persist in the current location and they did end up with 300+ teeth, belemnites, and some fish fossils. Daryl and I fared no better at our new spot though I did manage to find a nice Isurus hastalis tooth. Since the creek wasn’t giving up much we all decided to call it quits about 2 o’clock. Despite the lack of finds the air was refreshing and it was a good day to get out and get some sun and meet some new fossil friends. Rick Trone