Castle Hayne 11-2014

During the fall, David Sanderson led two collecting trips to Martin Marietta’s Castle Hayne quarry.  The first was October 3rd and the second one was on took place on November 7th. Between the two trips, forty-one members participated.  We lucked out on both trips with great weather.  Unfortunately we had to halt hunting on each trip so the quarry could do a “shot”.   We were fortunate that they could still accommodate our trips even when blasting at the quarry.  As usual some great and rare specimens were found.  As in the past, we hunted the back left corner of the quarry which offered a nice mix of Eocene and Cretaceous peedee.   After years of effort, Diane Willis finally found her prized and beautiful C. auriculatus.  This specimen was absolutely perfect with both cusplets, a perfect tip and all serrations in place. (See image) Congratulations Diane!  I found a very large “rick” that was missing the right root and both cusplets (nothing like Diane’s)  At least four other C. ariculatus were found.  Some notable crab material was also found.  Don Clements found several carapaces from the Cretaceous crab (Aveltemessus g.) (See image)  Libby Smalley found a beautiful  Eocarpilius blowi carapace – the best specimen I have seen (See field and cleaned up image)  Libby also found two beautiful specimens of what appears to be a new variation to the Hardouinia mortonis (Echinoid)  This specimen looks like a very domed version of H. mortonis.  (See image). Trish Kohler found a really nice cretaceous croc tooth and I found my best mosasaurus tooth.  Al Klatt and Bob Willis found large Squalicorax pristodontus  while Karen Marrier found a beautiful nautiloid    (Eutrephoceras carolinensis)  Linda McCall found a nice Coleopleurus carolinenesis (echinoid) in matrix.  The usual echinoids, brachiopods, small sharks teeth and sand dollars were found by all.  Participants for the first trip were rewarded by Ramona Krailler.  She handed out free Mazon Creek concretions.  I still haven’t gotten around to splitting mine to see if I have a prize.  Special thanks go out to David Wood and Martin Marietta for the opportunity to hunt this quarry.