Archdale Public Library “Dig into Reading”! 6-2013

On Wednesday June 12, 2013, Charlie and Pam Causey gave a fossil presentation for the Archdale Public Library near High Point.  It was at the Archdale Recreation Center and was part of their summer reading/enrichment program entitled "Dig into Reading."  There were approximately 125 kids and adults in attendance. Their presentation lasted approximately 25 minutes with an additional 10-15 minutes for questions and answers.  After that, everyone got a close look at fossil displays as they filed by the tables on their way out. Many of the questions showed that the kids were quite knowledgeable about fossils, science and dinosaurs.  Questions ranged from "What was the oldest fossil we had?" to "Are there any fossils in the Archdale area?"  Charlie and Pam had talked about body fossils

and trace fossils, and one little girl asked if jelly fish fossilized. Charlie told her that was a great question, because he just happened to have an impression of a jelly fish (Linda McCall had brought one back from the Texas trip). When the presentation was over, one girl (4th or 5th grader) came up with her mom and younger siblings and asked "What made the dinosaurs go extinct?"  Charlie was telling her about the Chicxulub asteroid and its consequences, when her little brother said, "Unh, unh...the cave men killed them!"  At that point it was time to call it a day.