2018 NC Fossil Fair

The NC Fossil Fair on November 3 was a huge success, with 2600 attendees at the NC Museum of Life and Science (NCMLS) in Durham, NC! (Last year's first Nov. Saturday attendance at the Museum was 2495.) There were 21 exhibitors and 30 volunteers! Thank you to everybody! Trish Kohler was our Super Chairperson of the entire Fossil Fair, who coordinated everything with Julie Rigby and Ro of the NCMLS. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of them! The Museum also provided many helpers to set up the tables and get our exhibiting rooms in order. Those volunteers also paid close attention to various requests throughout the set-up and presentation of the Fair. We also appreciated the break room and lunches and drinks provided by the Museum. Joanne did a wonderful job of bringing breakfast/snack foods and drinks for us, too! Thank you!

We had visiting exhibitors from The Aurora Fossil Museum (thank you Cindy Crane!), The Schiele Museum, the Fossil Primate Division of the Duke Lemur Center (thank you Matt Borths and Catherine!), Appalachian State University (many thanks Andy Heckert, Marta Toran, and your wonderful crew of enthusiastic students!), and the NC Museum of Natural Sciences (thank you Christian Kammerer and your able assistants!).

Once again Dave Bohaska and Bob Purdy of the Smithsonian Institution gave us their time and expertise to identify people's finds and generally inform us of paleontological points of interest. Many thanks to them!

This year we had plenty of space, lots of visitors, good weather, many volunteers, and a new feature: the Meg Tooth Raffle. That generated a tremendous amount of interest. Seven meg tooth were won over the course of the day, with at least one of the winners vowing to join the club!