JANUS 2013 Number 3 - Published

Thu, 08/29/2013

Janus 2013 - Number 3 has been uploaded to the website. The color version is available for those current members who have logins to the website.  If you chose to receive a paper copy of Janus, it will be mailed out early next week. This edition contains the following:

I. Fall Calendar
II. President’s Corner
- Linda McCall

III. Trip Report - Onslow Quarry, Aurora Cookout

IV. Articles
a. Carnivorous Mastodons and Other Curiosities -  Richard Chandler
b. Sphecomyrma freyi Wilson & Brown was lost, and now a replacement specimen has been found!, Gerard Ramon Case
c. Pilot Knob – Life Near a Central Texas Volcano,
Linda McCall

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