2016 Chandler Award Presented to Trish Kohler

Sun, 01/15/2017

In 2014, the NC Fossil Club created the Chandler Award in honor of long time NC Fossil Club Member and Janus editor, Richard Chandler.  The award may be given once a year to honor someone for their "significant educational contributions to the Club, or for aiding the Club's educational pursuits."

At the January 2017 NCFC meeting, the 2016 Chandler Award was given to long time member and former NCFC treasurer Trish Kohler.

Trish joined the NC Fossil Club in the early 1980's and was Treasurer from 1988 until "retiring" in 2015.  Trish was a meticulous record keeper and when the new Treasurer took over, turned over all her little paper ledger books from when she first became Treasurer.  Trish has also served as Board Member (1983-86, 2016-?), Secretary (1987), and as Membership Chairperson (1988-1995).

She is known for her volunteer work at the Lemur Center and the Museum of Life and Science in Durham; outreach to many schools and community groups; and as major exhibitor at the Aurora Fossil Festival and the Club's annual Fossil Fair.

Chandler Award 2017 - Trish Kohler
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