Fossil Book Volume I Published

Thu, 03/13/2014

The first volume of the Club's Fossil Book Series has been published. To order your copy of Fossil Invertebrates & Plants, go to the publications page.  Online ordering will be available soon.

Volume I Table of Contents with authors:

Fossils and the Geological History of North Carolina
    Richard Olsen, Vince Schneider, Chris Tacker, Richard Chandler
Plant Fossils
    Triassic Plants: Vince Schneider, Richard Chandler
    Fossil Resin: Rufus Johnson
    Fossil Wood: Rufus Johnson
Miscellaneous Invertebrates
    Ediacaran Biota: Ruffin Tucker
    Micro Fossils: Eric Sadorf
    Sponges: Richard Chandler
    Corals: Richard Chandler
    Worms: Richard Chandler
    Bryozoa: Steve Hageman, Frank McKinney (dec.), Richard Chandler
    Brachiopoda: Linda McCall
    Cretaceous and Eocene Decapods: Don Clements
    Neogene and Quatenary Decapods: Patricia Young
    Barnacles: Richard Chandler
    Clam Shrimp: Richard Chandler
    Echinoids: Judy Schneider
    Sea Stars & Brittle Stars: Richard Chandler
    Crinoids: Rufus Johnson

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